We must not allow Trump or his core followers to rewrite history regarding “what happened” on January 6 - of which there hasn’t been a full examination. In “Trump’s Back – So How Do We Prevent a Cover-Up of the Capitol Attack?” [https://alcris2.medium.com/donald-trump-at-cpac-ba85a7374a2b?sk=54d475c7d03b186b87f2ad56b11d3516] I argue that bromides such as “safe borders” and “law and order” which were the staples of Trump’s CPAC speech are coded diversions intended to deflect blame onto others (versus keeping Trump himself squarely as the focus of investigation). By perpetuating these slogans while not even once mentioning the Capitol riot in his CPAC speech, Trump is already putting a “spin” on his own involvement in an actual ATTACK against the United States government that must be resisted.