Two things stand out from this article: that Trump is doing everything he can to stay in power; and that 10 former Secretaries of Defense take what he is doing with extreme seriousness.

While there is increasing momentum on the part of Republican senators to challenge the Electoral College results, it will most likely fail. But don’t underestimate the turmoil that could follow this move: street protests egged on by Trump and then abuses of presidential power to “restore order.” The military must be kept out of any of the suggested endeavors to conduct a “revote” under limited martial law.

It must be made clear to the likes of Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley that they can play to the Republican base and benefit in Republican primaries through such tactics, but that they will be held severely accountable by the rest of us (especially moderates and Independents) in future general elections.

The Pledge to Safeguard the Election[] is a petition which addresses these issues. Click on the link and sign it to take a stand against further threats to our democracy.

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