Trump himself did not even mention the Capitol attack in his CPAC speech. He is trying to purge anybody from the Republican Party who is not totally “loyal” to him in an attempt to derail whatever further investigations of himself that he can – particularly an examination of the events that led up to January 6.

Both parties are pulling back from forthrightly looking at what happened on January 6 out of their own particular political concerns. The necessity of fully unearthing what really happened is discussed in Trump's Back - So How Do We Prevent a Cover-Up of the Capitol Attack? []. The article also links to how the events leading up to the Capitol attack were predicted as far back as the spring of 2020 and what we can do to prevent a recurrence by limiting the excessive presidential powers which made it possible.

Creator of The Pledge Site to limit presidential power and of both The Pledge to Safeguard the Election and The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution.

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