This week the dovetailing of Martin Luther King Day and the Inauguration in the midst of a situation that could spiral again into violence and a state of emergency both ironic and extraordinarily dangerous. I don’t think that King would make the strategic mistake of confronting the forces that attacked the Capitol Building until Donald Trump is out of office – even though King went out of his way to “expose hatred” in a manner equally as personally as dangerous to himself at other times.

I have explained the reasoning behind the caution I feel at this particular moment in an article called “How Would Martin Luther King Confront the Capitol Riots and the Prospect of Martial Law Under Donald Trump?” [] through the historical event involving King referred to above and the recent heroism of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman. I have conjectured about what I think King would do.

I understand what you mean about how each of us sees what we want to in him. The article acknowledges that the ideas I project onto King are my own. But your article has prompted me to look at Dr. King’s works differently in the future in order to transcend my own misunderstanding of what he was communicating.

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