This is another reason the second impeachment was so important – to give Congress further power to investigate the kinds of matters that Mueller was obstructed from investigating. We are still in the midst of an “impeachment in a Capitol ringed by troops” that could spiral into a state of emergency with “limited” martial law.

Much of what happened January 6 was predicted in an October article entitled The War After the Election [] in which I summarized the findings of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a group that included former Congressmen, United States Senators, previous cabinet members, White House Chiefs of Staffs, Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security and state governors whose “war games” predicted almost exactly what has been happening prior and subsequent to the election. I don’t know that TIP’s conclusions discussed foreign interference, but because of the information the insurrectionists had of the inside of the Capitol Building and similar matters, the possibility should be seriously looked into.

I have been updating The War After the Election to take into account events since January 6 with ideas regarding what we should do to immobilize Trump until Biden assumes power. Part of this strategy involves politically incapacitating Trump with the twin threats of an impeachment conviction or removal from office via the 25th Amendment.

It wouldn’t necessarily succeed, but the President could justify the legality of the initiation of emergency powers more than he can justify the legality of many other things he has done. We as a citizenry must refrain from any action that would give Donald Trump an excuse for attempting to declare even “limited” martial law. We must also assure that there can be no reincarnation of Trump so that the events of January 6 can never happen again by demanding that Congress implement the legislation to curb presidential power petitioned for in The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution [].

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