There is another option regarding the electoral college that will kick in AFTER November 3.

Make sure our votes COUNTS by digging into the grit of the electoral process. The Pledge to Safeguard the Election ( is one way to do this. It is petitions office seekers, office holders and electoral officials on all levels to abide by the same rules that have been applied to previous modern elections.

If mail-in ballots are challenged, the results are closer than expected and President Trump then begins to manipulate the electoral college or attempts to move the process to the House, we will indeed have a constitutional crisis.

KNOW WHO YOUR ELECTORS AND STATE OFFICIALS ARE and pressure them to follow the popular vote in your particular state. Your “work” in this election isn’t just going to end by casting a ballot. Rather, you are going to have to FOLLOW UP on your vote’s impact and make sure that it and the will of the majority from your state is expressed faithfully in the electoral college.

The warnings of Umair Haque in many of his articles as well as from others regarding the potential slide of America into authoritarianism need to be taken seriously.

A fuller explanation regarding preventing the election results from being manipulated can be found in the the ILLUMINATION-curated articles “Stop the Coming Election Crisis” ( and “Wake Up America! What if Trump Loses the Election and Really DOES Refuse to Go Peacefully?”

Further ideas regarding how to counter an authoritarian presidency can be found in The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution at