Preempt this through The Pledge to Safeguard the Election ( which demands that election officials and office holders (legislators and governors) abide by modern electoral processes or else threaten to hold them accountable in future elections if they don't.

The pressure on Republican politicians shouldn't just be coming from Trump voters - it should be coming from the entire electorate (including some Trump voters) to make them follow modern electoral procedures (which would basically lead to the popular will from within EACH STATE being expressed faithfully in the Electoral College). We should make Republicans terrified of something much larger than Donald Trump: that we - especially Independents and moderates - will defeat them on this specific issue in future elections if they don't follow contemporary electoral procedures in the current one.

How far we are going to let resistance to a legitimate transition of power progress before we proactively do something?

Creator of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution and ThePledge.Site

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