The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution ( is a set of proposals that people can act on to curb authoritarian presidential power RIGHT NOW. The Pledge to Safeguard the Election would pressure officials in our electoral process in a similar way (

If you really believe what you’re reading and writing, then DO SOMETHING! Yes, vote and urge others to also vote. But just casting a ballot won’t be enough, our job won’t be done on election day so that we can all sit around and watch the “results”. This election is most likely going to be contested for MONTHS; and then we will still have YEARS of work to do to get the country back on a proper course.

Become signatories to these two pledges if you think they are a credible way to move forward legally and nonviolently and encourage others to do the same by sharing them. If you think they are flawed ideas, then DO SOMETHING ELSE to promote constitutional, nonviolent methods to guarantee our liberty. Come up with a better set of ideas. But don’t just apathetically “analyze the disaster” as your country implodes before your eyes – prevent it from happening!