The GOP as Trump’s party is more of a recipe for winning primaries than elections. The larger electoral success of the Republican Party will depend on the success or failure of the Biden administration more than anything Trump or his “base” has control over.

Overlooked regarding the CPAC weekend is that Trump is fighting for his political, financial and legal life. Events like CPAC are for him as much an attempt to shape the many investigations he will be facing - especially regarding the events of January 6 – as they are about 2022 and 2024. He avoided an impeachment conviction twice with this approach – and he will try to use it to both thwart the investigations themselves and to afterwards “spin” them like he did the Mueller report. I explain the need for these investigations to be thorough and not tainted by Trump or the self-interests of either political party in “Trump’s Back – So How Do We Prevent a Cover-Up of the Capitol Attack?” []

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