Whatever emerges - a “rebirth” of the Republican Party or a new third party - it will be necessary for conservatives to be able to have a voice before they can have a party. Trump is trying to purge anybody from the Republican Party who is not totally “loyal” to him in an attempt to derail whatever further investigations of himself that he can – particularly an examination of the events that led up to the January 6 Capitol attack. His refusal to meet with Nikki Haley at Mara Largo after her criticism of him is evidence of that.

Unfortunately, both parties are pulling back from a search or truth out of their own particular political concerns. Conservatives need to press for a full investigation of what happened January 6 as do Democrats. The approach needed regarding unearthing what really happened is discussed in Trump's Back - So How Do We Prevent a Cover-Up of the Capitol Attack? [https://alcris2.medium.com/donald-trump-at-cpac-ba85a7374a2b?sk=54d475c7d03b186b87f2ad56b11d3516]. The article also links to how the events leading to January 6 were predicted in the spring of 2020 and what we can do to prevent their recurrence by limiting the very powers of the presidency.

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