Steve Schmidt has seen the system from the inside-out, and I wonder what he thinks about the chances of a post-election crisis initiated by Trump’s refusal to accept the results. We need to start looking into how we can influence electoral officials to be faithful to the popular will of the people within their respective states.

If mail-in ballots are challenged, the results are closer than expected and President Trump then begins to manipulate the electoral college or attempts to move the process to the House, we will indeed begin moving towards authoritarianism and none of the other issues discussed in this interview will matter if we don’t stop that.

The Pledge to Safeguard the Election ( attempts to initiate a process of citizens digging deeper into the grit of the electoral process to make sure that electoral officials follow the same rules that have been applied to previous modern elections. We need to keep post-election pressure on electoral officials of all kinds at all levels.

A fuller explanation can be found in the article “Stop the Coming Election Crisis” ( and “Wake Up America! What if Trump Loses the Election and Really DOES Refuse to Go Peacefully?” (