Since Republicans are not going to participate in a meaningful trial, anyway, Paul should be granted his wish – for now.

Don’t hold the trial on February 8, but rather give the Democrats time to develop a stronger case with other charges.

I have been arguing that the national security aspects of what happened on January 6 and what Congress was prevented from investigating regarding the Mueller report in Trump’s first impeachment need to be thoroughly explored and not just “forgotten” like yesterday’s news cycle because Trump is convicted (or acquitted). And news flash to Senator Paul and Trump’s other enablers: the Supreme Court can decide whether or not the second impeachment is “constitutional”.

As new evidence emerges against Trump regarding other impeachable offenses, and as he becomes bogged down in his other legal and financial quagmires over the next months, his influence over the Republican Party may wane.

If Trump’s influence doesn’t diminish (and/or if he is able to run for office again – a very real possibility), another set of problems arises which need to be addressed.

I have written more extensively about this strategy regarding the impeachment process and how to curb presidential authorities in a more universal way that transcends Trump in The War After the Election []. The article also summarizes the findings of the Transition Integrity Project, a group that included former Congressmen, United States Senators, previous cabinet members, White House Chiefs of Staffs, Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security and state governors whose “war games” in June of 2020 predicted almost exactly what happened after the election which led to the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

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