It’s the schism over Trump’s impeachment that is important – it’s one part of investigating the national security issues of what happened in such a security breach. Even though President Trump can’t be convicted and removed from office at this moment (because of the political factors), impeachment was the right step in order to paralyze much of his power over the military, law enforcement and security apparatus (as I explain below and elsewhere). If he starts to make a move, the schism in the Republican Party will widen (again for the reasons I explain elsewhere).

Everything that happened leading up to January 6 was predicted in an October article entitled The War After the Election [] in which I summarized the findings of the Transition Integrity Project, a group that included former Congressmen, United States Senators, previous cabinet members, White House Chiefs of Staffs, Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security and state governors whose “war games” predicted almost exactly what is happening. I have updated the article to take into account events since January 6 with ideas regarding what we should do to immobilize Trump until Biden assumes power – including that we as a citizenry should refrain from giving Donald Trump any excuse for attempting to declare states of emergency or to impose even “limited” martial law. Part of this strategy involves Congress immobilizing Trump by holding the swords of both impeachment and the 25th Amendment at his throat.

If “limited martial law” sounds like hyperbole, remember that ten former Secretaries of Defense recently took the extraordinary step of co-authoring an article warning against the military becoming involved in our election process; and that the leaders of the United States government are actively considering removing the President of the United States from office with less than a week remaining in his term. It wouldn’t necessarily succeed, but the President could justify the legality of the initiation of his emergency powers more than he can justify the legality of so many other things he has done.

More long-term, in addition to the action called for in The War After the Election, I urge you to sign The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution [] which petitions Congress to pass specific, targeted but forceful legislation to limit presidential power in the most immediately vital areas and could be the most important thing we could do to prevent anything like the events of January 6 from happening again.

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