It’s precisely because “a lot of other Americans might not care that much” that Trump might be able to pull off a coup – or at least make a good attempt at it.

The Politico article you link to stresses the fine line that Pence, McConnell and Blunt will be walking up to and past January 6. We are talking about a POLITICAL process, not a legal one, and there will be tremendous pressure on these “soft” Republicans to take a hard line in favor of Trump.

Perhaps the “coup attempt” will fizzle, and we will all be talking about the post-election “hysteria” we all succumbed to and how “ridiculous” Donald Trump was (especially from the distant perspective of years).

But the damage Donald Trump would do to the democratic process has been consistently underestimated over time. Who took seriously that he wouldn’t concede on election night? Who thought he would “really” attempt to dissuade electors and state representatives and governors to choose alternate slates of electors? Who thought he would continue to fight on even after the Electoral College rendered its decision? Oh, and of course he “wouldn’t” stir up trouble and egg on street violence so that he would have an excuse to declare one of the variations of martial law being bandied about. Or would he? Why not? What does he actually have to lose?

If you are an American who “still cares”, force Trump’s SUPPORTERS to stop enabling him politically. Click and sign The Pledge to Safeguard the Election ( and share it with others and prompt them to sign and share it – and then pressure Trump’s “softer” core of support to sign and abide by it: the mainstream Republicans who are afraid of being “primaried” by Trump voters should be made to fear losing in the general election because of the rest of us.

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