“It remains to be seen” is the problem itself – as though all we can do is watch events unfold on our televisions and tablets.

I have been advocating that Americans sign The Pledge to Safeguard the Election (https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/pledge-to-safeguard-the-election) and then use it to pressure partisan politicians to ensure that our normal modern electoral processes are followed in this election (which would basically lead to the popular will from within EACH STATE being expressed faithfully in the Electoral College).

In the present situation, the Republican Party is terrified of Trump. But the pressure on the Republican Party should not only be coming from Trump voters – it should be coming from the entire electorate (which includes Trump voters). We should make Republicans terrified of something much larger than Donald Trump: that we – especially Independents and moderates - will follow through and “primary” them in subsequent elections if they don’t follow modern electoral procedures as the Constitution REQUIRES them to do.

A healthy democracy requires a proactive citizenry.