It is possible that there will be a censure of Trump, perhaps in conjunction with section 3 of the 14th Amendment (which would prevent him from running for office again). This would only require a few of the seven Republicans who voted to convict regarding impeachment to vote to censure. This strategy is actually politically possible, especially as more information about Trump comes out in the coming months, and I am periodically updating it as events evolve in The War After the Election [].

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll 59% of all Americans think Trump was guilty of “inciting violence against the United States.” It will take strong voices from both inside and outside the Republican Party to rise above the bigotry Trump manipulated. Leaders should be educating and leading their followers, not the other way around. If this occurs, some of Trump’s more persuadable voters could dissipate and move away from Trump and the right wing fringe towards a more rational, moderate Republican Party or whatever might break away from it, which would also hopefully lead towards making progress on matters of racial justice.

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