Instead of suddenly condemning Trump (as McConnell did immediately after acquitting him), the Republican Party should atone for its own sins – and since it obviously isn’t going to do that unless it becomes politically advantageous, we the people can help motivate their repentance.

The events which led up to an actual INSURRECTION at our nation’s Capitol aren’t merely “regrettable” or “horrific” – they need to be CORRECTED with a censure of Trump with real legislative teeth behind it, perhaps in conjunction with section 3 of the 14th Amendment (which would prevent him from running for office again). This would only require the seven Republicans who were willing to convict regarding impeachment to vote to censure Trump in a serious, meaningful way.

This strategy is actually politically possible and I am continually updating it as events evolve in The War After the Election [] and a short six paragraph link at the end of it which explains the very targeted, but critical legislation that could be attached to the censure.

Mitch McConnell can enact some of THAT into law before we should even try to respect anything else he does.

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