Instead of suddenly condemning Trump (as McConnell did immediately after acquitting him), the Republican Party should atone for its own sins – and since it obviously isn’t going to do that unless it becomes politically advantageous, we the people can help motivate their repentance with our actions at the ballot box.

One way we will do this is as the man who caused the events of January 6 keeps himself at the forefront of everybody’s attention, we will concurrently keep the sycophants who enabled him at the forefront of everybody’s attention as well.

The events which led up to an actual INSURRECTION at our nation’s Capitol aren’t merely “regrettable” or “horrific” – they need to be CORRECTED. I have been continually updating The War After the Election [] with ideas regarding how this can still be done.

Perhaps Mitch McConnell will put some of it into legislation.

Creator of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution and ThePledge.Site