If the Republicans are looking for the easiest way out, section 3 of the 14th Amendment might prevent Trump from running with just a simple majority vote (which would require less of them to “walk the plank”). The Democrats might be letting the Republican off too easily by supporting this mechanism alone versus impeachment, and the dangerous precedent it would be setting would also have to be considered. I have been arguing in The War After the Election [https://medium.com/illumination-curated/the-war-after-the-election-545de96aa4ca?source=friends_link&sk=627c55d616d9296af3e398f1686493a4] that the Democrats should postpone the impeachment trial beyond February 8 and take the time to build their case. As time goes by and Trump gets mired down in his other legal and financial problems (and they become public because he will no longer hold the levers of the presidency with which to obstruct investigations), he might begin to lose some support from his base (and then the Republican politicians might be able to more easily distance themselves from him).

Also being discussed is a potential censure. At the end of the article I argue for “a censure with teeth in it” which would be accompanied by legislation that would severely restrict the kinds of presidential powers that could have led to Trump’s declaring martial law. The War After the Election traces how what has happened was PREDICTED in June of 2020 by “war games” run by the Transition Integrity Project (a group of former Congressmen, United States Senators, previous cabinet members, White House Chiefs of Staffs, Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security and state governors) and discusses ideas regarding the impeachment trial and how regardless of whatever else happens, Congress should pass legislation to restrict presidential power in conjunction with at least a censure of Trump.

Creator of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution and ThePledge.Site

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