I wouldn’t be so sure that Trump and others are “off the hook” (in McConnell’s words). The Justice Department is thinking about using RICO statutes to tie the actors on January 6 into a “conspiracy web.” Charges will be brought against many of those who participated in the Capitol attack – the question is how far up the charges will go and who will be convicted. This will take more time than an impeachment trial allowed for. (This is not a defense of the Republicans not convicting Trump, either – it’s just to point out that what happened existed on many levels. And much of this will lead back to Trump in some form, whether It be criminal or political.).

It is possible that there will be a censure of Trump, perhaps in conjunction with section 3 of the 14th Amendment (which would prevent him from running for office again). This would only require a few of the seven Republicans who voted to convict regarding impeachment to vote to censure, as this approach would only require a majority, not the 2/3 supermajority that impeachment does. This strategy is actually politically possible and I am continually updating it as events evolve in The War After the Election [https://medium.com/illumination-curated/the-war-after-the-election-545de96aa4ca?sk=627c55d616d9296af3e398f1686493a4].

Excellent article. You prompted me to bookmark it and look at some of the links about events similar to the Tulsa massacre. Thank you.

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