Concentrated political power (the “root of the problem”) should be decentralized in many ways. Signing and promulgating The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution ( would address its most concentrated source: excessive presidential power.

I also agree with you that voting isn’t “the solution” (although it is indeed part of the solution). In this election we will first have to make sure that our votes express our actual will by promoting The Pledge to Safeguard the Election ( in order to counter the administration’s expected exploitation of the post-election process (so that electoral officials will be allowed to adhere to constitutional and legal norms without unwarranted interference from the President or executive branch of the federal government).

Making sure that we do the actual work of democracy as citizens – not just by voting, but by following through to ensure that our votes matter by guarding the integrity of our election process, and then by limiting excessively concentrated presidential power, are two key steps we need to take.

I look forward to reading what your ideas are for what we will need to do after the election.