As somebody who shares your concerns about where these surveillance systems are taking us as a society, this concern has been in the background of my thinking since January 6. I am not implying that your point isn’t vitally important, but rather that we need to get past the immediate danger of an inauguration in the midst of an “impeachment in a Capitol ringed by troops” that could spiral into a state of emergency with “limited” martial law. I have presented a strategy in an article entitled “How Would Martin Luther King Confront the Capitol Riots?” [] regarding how we should react to keep Donald Trump politically paralyzed until he is out office. (In reference to your other article featured, I’m not trying to propose “what King would say”, but rather fully acknowledge in the article itself my inability to do so. Even so, King’s strategy of nonviolent political action has lessons for all of us, and we should apply them where appropriate.)

Part of this strategy involves politically incapacitating Trump with the twin threats of an impeachment conviction or removal from office via the 25th Amendment while at the same time not giving him anything to hit back at. It wouldn’t necessarily succeed, but the President could justify the legality of the initiation of emergency powers more than he can justify the legality of many other things he has done. We as a citizenry must refrain from any action that would give Donald Trump an excuse for attempting to declare even “limited” martial law.

We must also assure that there can be no reincarnation of Trump so that the events of January 6 can never happen again by demanding that Congress implement the legislation to curb presidential power petitioned for in The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution []. Limiting the powers of the executive branch this way would also contribute to its ability to misuse surveillance systems against Americans. In particular, curbing presidential emergency powers would go a long way in the retarding the government’s ability to label an American citizen as a “terrorist”.

Creator of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution and ThePledge.Site

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