An idea proposed by Eric J. Scholl in the Medium article “Relief But No Release” [] suggests that Schumer should postpone the trial until “June … or October.” While I am not sure about what the exact timing should be, the Democrats should at least wait until there has been a thorough impeachment investigation (in the legal sense) before bringing the case to trial. There is still much being uncovered about what Trump was doing between the election and January 6 (for example, it only recently came out that he attempted in December to replace the acting Attorney General with one who would “find” election fraud). Rushing the case to the Senate was one reason the first impeachment of Trump failed. In this second trial, while it is important to hold Trump to justice, it is also vital to thoroughly explore the constitutional and national security aspects of what happened January 6 and the events leading up to it. A fuller explanation of this impeachment strategy and how to counter authoritarianism in other ways can be found in The War After the Election [].

I agree with you about the repugnant hypocrisy of what the Republicans seem on the verge of doing politically – Scholl's idea is an attempt to counter it.

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