America IS truly a great nation, and we need to be engaged NOW to thwart what Donald Trump is doing. For starters, The Pledge to Safeguard the Election ( attempts to counter electoral fraud by digging deeper into the grit of the electoral process to make sure that electoral officials follow the same rules that have been applied to previous modern elections to prevent the very real possibility of this election being stolen.

Afterwards, there are many issues to address, and I believe that the American people (and human beings in general) are predominantly good and well-intentioned. But we need something we can ACT ON (versus just reading dire “analyses” of what’s being done to this nation. “’Are We Ready to Become Defenders of Our Democracy?” is a good article in this spirit). The two petitions at are intended to initiate citizen action to defend our electoral and constitutional processes.

After Trump (hopefully), one of our very first priorities must be to put limitations on presidential power so that the kinds of threats he has posed to our constitutional system will not occur again. More about this can be found in The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution (

Two Medium ILLUMINATION-curated articles better explain The Pledge to Safeguard the Election: “Stop the Coming Election Crisis” ( and “Wake Up America! What if Trump Loses the Election and Really DOES Refuse to Go Peacefully?” (

A fuller explanation of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution can be found at

Vote. But then keep on working on saving and perfecting our democracy AFTER the election.

Creator of The Pledge to Safeguard the Constitution and ThePledge.Site

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